Wes Orloff: Supreme Momba

Current Rides: Buell XB road racer, Buell X1 lightning drag bike, KTM 525 SMC supermotard, Yamaha YZ426F supermotard, Duc 916, TL1000, Numerous Honda Scramblers, Yamaha OWO1, Honda C70 assport. 1 registered street plate (I’m not tellin’ which….I think I forgot)

Favorite Ride(s) And Why: Tie between Kevin Schwantz since I grew up idolizing him, and Mert Lawill because he is the rare combination of an innovative engineer and successful racer. Plus he was the star of my favorite movie.

Turn Ons: The smell of race gas in the morning, Vicadin, Roller Derby Girls, Pony’s and Kittens

Turn Offs: High Sides, Oil, 2nd place

Day Job: Middleweight Performance and Calibration Engineer, Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Describe your first time: It was in a school yard. Briggs and Stratton 3hp mini bikeChain fell off about every other lap. The speed was incredible…I could go faster than on my bicycle with substantially less effort! I was hooked…

Specialties: Painting crooked, mowing lawns, spending hours porting heads to actually flow less than stock

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