Announcing the Mid-Ohio Moto Build Attempt (M.O.M.B.A.) Challenge!

At first, the scenario sounds a bit familiar…A diverse and eclectic group of motorcycle builders. An impossible deadline. A race for glory. But this time there’s a difference…

It’s real.

The Mission: Team Momba will head south from their Milwaukee home base to one of the largest motorcycle events in the nation, AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days July 28-30th at the beautiful Mid Ohio Sports Car course. Vintage Motorcycle Days is also host to the American Historic Motorcycle Racing Association’s (AHRMA) premiere national road race and the largest motorcycle swap meet in the country with over 1000 vendors. The combination of these two events provides a unique environment Team Momba hopes to take advantage of. In the team’s hearts, all the enthusiasm a group of hopeless motorcycle addicts can muster. In their wallet, a limited wad of cash. And in their race trailer: nothing. For nothing more than the reward of attempting such a challenge, Team Momba will fabricate and construct an AHRMA legal vintage road race bike from parts sourced entirely from the swap meet, pass tech inspection, and race for the podium on Sunday. An impossible challenge? Maybe…but the odds are stacked in Team Momba’s favor based on the team they have assembled.

The Momba: Team Momba is made up of an eclectic mix of 12 individuals, pulled deep from the heart of Milwaukee’s rich underground classic motorcycle scene. Team members include everything from clean cut engineers and salesmen to tattooed professional roller derby girls. The common bond being a shared love for building, riding, and racing classic motorcycles and enjoying all the fun and camaraderie the sport has to offer. The entire team, including our 4 women members, are involved in some sort of motorcycle racing. Member accomplishments include road racing championships, supermotard AMA pro’s licenses, drag racing champions, and even a world land speed record holder. One would be hard pressed to put together a better team for such a challenge. The team was assembled in January, and has been meeting on a regular basis in a run down warehouse in Milwaukee, researching and planning the build literally to the minute. Will it be enough to make Milwaukee proud? Time will tell….checkout MOMBA Profiles to learn more about the team.

Please contact [email protected] for further information, or call 414-331-7747.

For information on contributing to team MOMBA, please visit the donations portion of the website.