A Day by Day Process for the Tattoo Healing Process

All tattoos go through a process that involve days of healing. Normally, the healing process is divided into 3 stages, but additional stages can occur. The stages are not too painful and its quite easy to go through them. You can sit back and relax. The tattoo is just goring through its naturally phases of life after all. Its the way of things in general. Everything has a beginning, middle, and a part where there needs to be some evolution. We want to give you more information on the tattoo healing process below. Check it out if interested in learning more.

Basic Stages for the Tattoo Healing Process

The basic stages for your tattoos is small and easy to understand. First, your tattoo will feel sore and get a type of redness on it. The redness is not harmful. You won’t need the best tattoo aftercare products just yet. Wait, for the tattoo to heal on its on completely in this stage. Don’t add anything to your arm and just wait. Next stage, Your tattoo skin starts getting a white web of stuff on it. This web is a normal body reaction to a needle cut on your skin. There is no cause for panic. Relax and continue to wait for the tattoo to fully heal. Your tattoo is not done healing yet. Third stage, the tattoo is almost healed up. You waited about 3 to 6 days to see this. Your tattoo is almost healed and looks a little smeared up. This means its almost time for your tattoo to heal. If you have no pain on the tattoo skin, then its time to apply the best tattoo aftercare products you can find like bacterial soap and tattoo sunscreen for daytime.

The Tattoo Pain in the Beginning

You just left the tattoo shop and are experiencing a level of pain. Everything you feel now is perfectly normal. You need to leave the bandage your tattoo artist gave you and relax. Relax the tattoo physically at all costs. Its very fragile and needs you to avoid using it with physical actions. You could damage the tattoo and cause your skin medical problems. Take it very easy for the next 3 days. After the thee days, take the bandage off and wash. Wash with Antibacterial Soap and your hands only. Washing a tattoo with cloth will irritate the healing process of the tattoo. Don’t do that.

Tattoo Ichyness You May Have

You might feel some ichyness from your tattoo. It happens after a couple weeks. During, you will want to scratch a lot. Avoid doing this because your tattoo can still get damage. After 6 weeks, you can scratch as much as you want. The ichyness will be over soon. Please be patient and try not to act like its the end of the world. A tattoo is a test pain and you should be willing to do that before you get it. Take the test and wait 6 weeks.

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